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Community Involvement

At Avant Traders we care just as much about the community as any of our local residents and neighbors do. As professionals in the healthcare industry, we strive to do our part to make the community a better, safer place to live. We are proud to do business here and want that appreciation to shine brightly. By offering lucrative discounts, we are able to help ensure we play a role in keeping the cost of healthcare as low as possible in an ever-evolving, competitive world.

Oftentimes disposable items can be seen as waste, and harmful to the community. There’s a reason why more and more companies around the world are switching to reusable products. The opposite is true with our products. Disposable medical products are designed specifically to help communities out by eliminating the possible transmission of diseases and harmful bacteria. Reusable medical products have to undergo a sterilization and reprocessing between uses. This process is oftentimes more harsh on the environment than simply going with a reusable option.

We know just how much you care about your community. We care just as much as well, and we want to thank you for letting us be a part of this community.